There are many ways you can help SI MA BÔ, with your support from around the world we can bring real change to the animals here in Cape Verde.

  • Sponsor a dog or cat at SI MA BÔ by covering their monthly costs and receive regular updates on how they are doing. Find out more by emailing
  • Help us to collect donations of supplies for our animals that are not available here in CapeVerde, if you are travelling to Cape Verde or would like to send them, please email us for arrangement of shipments on
        - Dog /cat kennels

        - Muzzles

        - Harnesses

        - Cat litter boxes

         - Dog/cat brushes

        - Toys

        - Flea / Tick treatment (Frontline, Stronghold, etc.)

        - Medications

  • Are you a vet, a veterinary nurse, a student of veterinary medicine, or do you have a great passion for animals? If you aren’t afraid of hard work and have a desire to volunteer on the beautiful islands of Cape Verde, why not choose to help Si Ma Bo? click here for more information
  •  Make a donation to SI MA BÔ so we can continue our efforts:
using Paypal :

or making a wire transfer directly to :

- our Italian account at BANCA PROSSIMA, MILANO, in the name of SIMAB

IBAN: IT23 S033 5901 6001 0000 0009 584 - 


- our Cape Verdean account at BANCO COMERCIAL DO ATLANTICa (BCA), in the name of SIMAB
Ô – Associacao para a Protecao dos Animais e do Ambiente, IBAN: CV64000300007940798410176, swift : BCA TC VCV, (Note: 20 dollars from your donation will go towards bank fees).

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